Sotera has a strategy and commitment to reducing its environmental impact resulting from our business.

We have already made strides by requiring all personnel to work from home rather than having a central office and using Microsoft TEAMS for meetings where possible to minimise our Carbon footprint from travel.

As we face irreversible changes in the Earth’s system we understand that we must all go further as a society to manage the risk from climate change and protect our planet for future generations.   To support this challenge we are currently striving to be carbon neutral by 2040.  The current steps we are taking to progress towards this challenging goal include:

  • Identifying opportunities to eliminate or minimise the use of fuel
  • Securing fuel from renewable sources
  • Minimising the use of plastics
  • Maximising recycling
  • Ensuring that suppliers share our sustainable vision
  • Continually monitoring and reviewing our sustainability performance and engaging with staff on opportunities for improvement.