Chris Chapman, David Harris and Peter Dray have been providing expert advice and guidance on risk management issues for over 30 years and have worked together for the vast majority of it. Although renowned for their knowledge of the rail industry, the team has considerable experience with onshore/offshore projects, the petrochemical industry, shipping, mining and roads.

Peter Dray

Founding Director

Peter Dray is one of the founding Directors of Sotera Risk Solutions. He has thirty years of experience in safety risk management having spent twenty-eight years with leading consultancies including ERM and Sotera as well as two years as an employee of Network Rail. He has been retained for advice by regulators and boards, including the Rail Safety and Standards Board (UK), the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (Australia and New Zealand) and The Commission for Rail Regulation (Ireland). Peter has also worked closely with the ORR (UK).

He has genuine passion and enthusiasm for safety and operational performance. Most of Peter’s work has been in the UK, however, he has also undertaken work for projects in Australia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Hong Kong and France.

David Harris

Founding Director

David Harris is one of the founding Directors of Sotera Risk Solutions. He has a wealth of experience is Railway Safety Risk Management having spent over 30 years in consultancy with Sotera, ERM Risk and Trident Consultants.

David Harris has a thorough knowledge of the full range of risk assessment techniques, with particularly wide experience of fault and event tree analysis. David is particularly good at problem solving; effective at identifying the relevant questions and solving the problem at an appropriate level of detail. Ability to use the standard risk assessment techniques or, if appropriate, to develop new approaches.

In his spare time David is a successful amateur photographer; his photography can be viewed at David Harris | Flickr.

Chris Chapman

Founding Director

Chris Chapman is a founding Director of Sotera Risk Solutions with thirty years of experience in safety, environment, reliability and risk assessment with Lloyds Register, ERM as well as Sotera. Chris was a head of risk assessment at ERM (an international environmental and safety management consultancy) when he left to form Sotera in 2002. Chris has experience in applying risk assessment techniques and development of safety cases in a wide range of industries such as the rail, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, marine, chemical, water and construction industries.

Chris has developed and carried out the transport risk assessment for the 2012 Olympics, which was praised by the IOC and has carried out work in Chile, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ireland, Austria and Turkey. Recent work includes applying Common Safety Methods on the Crossrail project.